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Featured here are several endorsements from other gamers on the quality of War Zone terrain, as well as praise (and other pat's-on-the-eback) for the high level of customer service and satisfaction that we offer.
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R.W. - 12/12/2001
The best terrain on the planet! Nothing has brought my tabletop gaming to life like War Zone terrain. It's fantastic stuff.
Bruce - 12/07/2001
Love the web site, and the products are superb, from the photo's. Can't wait to see them. Your game boards are really neat, but I already made one by the time I discovered yours, otherwise I'd have ordered one long ago...
Robert - 12/05/2001
Great site...i've heard good things about your terrain. Great site layout, it was really easy to navigate.
Justin - 11/29/2001
You have a great site. I hope the quality of your terrain is as good as it looks on your site.
[MMMD - I've never made a Mountain you wouldn't love.]
Daniel - 11/15/2001
I like (your) terrain alot. I think it is almost as important as the miniatures
John - 11/13/2001
I some how missed (some) terrain pieces earlier. Is it too late to add them to the order I made earlier...
[WebMonkey - Usually if you want to add something to your order within a few days, we can roll it into your original order without any delay. If it is close to shipping for the original order and you want to avoid additional shipping, your order could be delayed a few days. Best avenue to take is to ask. :-) ]
Michael - 11/13/2001
Some stone pillars or arches would really round out your selection. Besides that - top rate stuff!
[MMMD - No easy way to mass produce arches and pillars out of flat foam. But we are looking into options.]
STEVE - 11/09/2001
[WebMonkey - THANKS... SORRY FOR YELLING! ;-) ]
Bill - 11/09/2001
Do you do custom Terrian pieces by request?
[MMMD - Well, I guess. We can do custom work, but all of our products are designed to maximuze material use and limit production time, so custom peices can get costly. If your REALLY interested, e-me.]
Matthew - 11/09/2001
This is a great site and looks like great product. I'm looking forward to getting this order. I'll send photos!
[WebMonkey - Photos? Yup... if you send us photos for the gallery, we will give you a $10 terrain credit.]
Rhonda - 11/07/2001
Cool terrain, I was looking for Geo hex, but yours is an economical alternative that'll work great.
David - 10/23/2001
Friends of mine and I have used your terrain and it weathers the use of games and travel very well.
Gordon - 10/18/2001
A well designed site.
Justin - 10/18/2001
Interested in possibly having your product in my store, would be interested in possibly a little more information , as i would also be interested if available dealer pricing.
[MMMD - E-me for dealer info.]
martin - 10/13/2001
I have purchased material from you in the past and was very pleased.
James - 10/11/2001
If the stuff I ordered is as good when I get it as it looks on your site, then I may be broke very soon. Excellent products.
James - 10/11/2001
I couldn't place an order on my other computer because it was connected to the internet by LAN. This one has a direct connection.
[WebMonkey - If your are on a network at your place of business or employment and are not able to connect to secure servers, just give us a call at (810) 742-8830 or e-mail us and we will call you back for your order.]
Hal - 10/05/2001
Absolutely as promised. My 15mm historicals have never had it so good. My only suggestion: Do something w/your customer service....IT WAS TOO DAMN GOOD!!! A pleasure to see in todays marketplace. You can count on me purchasing again.
Jon - 09/28/2001
Great prices! Convenient online ordering! Thanks!
Eric - 09/21/2001
You're the best. Hands down.
Nathan - 09/20/2001
Great site, good pics, good info on products, great sales.
Donavan - 09/20/2001
Wow, love the site!
John - 09/10/2001
Great looking stuff. It was a hit this weekend at a Demonstration.
Jeff - 09/4/2001
Just got my basic terrainer set today -- and it ROCKS! Very nice stuff ... I was afraid the scale 04 stuff wouldn't work for my Warmaster (10mm) minis, but it will truly work -- as your site says -- for both the 10mms and the 28mm "realistic" RPG combats. Great!

I've made my own terrain before, but lately I've had more money than time, so you guys offer a wonderful solution. Plus your web site is very professional, and actually WORKS. Congrats! Now I'll just order some of your flock so the few "custom" creations I do myself will match, and presto, done.
penguine - 08/5/2001
The product is amazing! I will come back for any more terrain needs. By the way are you going to make buildings? Thank you.
[WebMonkey - No buildings yet.]
penguine - 08/2/2001
Awesome terrain. Look forward to getting more in the future.
legionnaire1 - 07/30/2001
[WebMonkey - Dude!]
jessiesc - 07/27/2001
Great Stuff, glad I found you. I can use it with my train terrains also!
homage4 - 07/25/2001
gamemaster60 - 07/18/2001
You have some great terrain, any chance on having sloped versions in the future?
[WebMonkey - Already do... check out the 04 Scale in Product Intel]
rookhvn - 07/15/2001
Your product looks excellent!
legionnaire1 - 07/2/2001
Everything I see online about your products looks great.
Boba_Fett__Jedi - 06/27/2001
Wow what a selection, You guys are the sh#t. Nice site too.
dante - 06/26/2001
Great terrain pieces. I'd suggest using more photos of terrain pieces with 15mm, 25mm, 28mm, and 30mm figures next to them. Gives an accurate view of what terrain looks like on gaming boards...
[WebMonkey - Miniatures manufacturers consider their work proprietary and protected by trademark rights... photos from a customer fall into a very gray area, nyet? Send us some (see Photo Gallery section]
Kevin - 06/25/2001
bought your terrain for years - love it.
kevinyon - 06/24/2001
Your site is really top notch. I'll be spending more with you guys. I game 15mm Vikings, any chance of making some beach terrain for those raid scenarios?
[WebMonkey - No plans for beach terrain, but we have thought about it...]
ilikeac - 06/24/2001
Nice stuff you guys got! :) This will be a great gift for my bud.
Jonathon - 06/16/2001
Excellent value.
phio23 - 06/12/2001
Quite a nice looking product line, i'm sure this won't be my last venture to this site...
prb7 - 06/6/2001
Bought a large tabletop years back, have used it ever since. Good stuff.
DaddyDragon - 06/3/2001
Neat stuff, and very affordable. Thanks for making stuff like this!
jcoull - 05/22/2001
Like your stuff, some nice custom pieces that I'll probably pick up a piece at a time lus some more xpac stuff.
broig - 05/18/2001
Love your terrain! keep up the good work
dallas - 05/11/2001
One of the guys in my club has a 4x4 tabletop of yours and it's great. It's a few years old but still looks like new and has demonstrated its indestructability on more than one occasion (the root beer tsunami comes to mind ;-) Thanks alot, and congrats again on offering a great product.
Hondo - 04/29/2001
You guys here at War-Zone have the absolute BEST terrain out there. I play Warhammer and Warhammer 40,000, and all of the terrain I use is War-Zone quality. I wish I had the money to buy all of the terrain I want though.
tmbrown - 04/24/2001
Hey, my wife let me have the Visa card back finally. No more Damn Money Orders! Keep up the great work. I'll try to get you guys some pics of our games - all my terrain is from you guys! Love the Mountain I got last time.
Watts - 04/19/2001
Hi there, I just recieved my Invasion Master Pac, I must say that I am impressed with the amount of stuff in there! I feel like I got good value for my cash.
The only gripe I have is that alot of my hills were stuck together... after carefully pulling them apart I have a few little gaps to paint. A few touch-ups will take care of it, but perhaps letting the terrain dry a little longer would have helped? I wouldnt have minded waiting an extra day or two if it meant I didn't have to fix up some of the stuff. Other than that, your service is great! Thanks,
[WebMonkey - Thanks for the notice. We're aware of the specific problem and have taken steps to ensure that it doesn't happen again. ]
jenks - 03/28/2001
...the tabletop rocks... big time... I've sung its praises to everyone in my Yahoo (Warhammer) e-mail group. I'll probably be adding more terrain to my collection before too long...
Tom - 03/23/2001
[WebMonkey - Uh... thanks? :-) ]
slave69 - 03/13/2001
I just received the
Mage Pac and it is awesome. If you play Mage Knight buy this!! I am going to take some pics to send to War Zone for this great product at a great price.
bward - 03/13/2001
I really like your product quality. Definitely a repeat buyer.
MageKnight Warlord - 03/12/2001
You guys should really come up with a promo to WizKids. They are always pushing GeoHex #@*!% (explicative deleted) to us Warlords to use in tournys and with special prices. I'm always telling people about your terrain, I really do think it is the better product. I do think the
new game board package for M-K is a great idea and right now at a great price - keep up the great work. I look forward to many more purchases with ya all.
[WebMonkey - Preach on brother!]
foxfirepro - 03/01/2001
Been intrigued with your product for many months, now. Did not want to dedicate some cash without having a cheap way to "test the waters."
Sample Pack helped me get over my timidity. Very good marketing!
jskmj - 02/08/2001
Got it
(War Zone products) yesterday. Items kick serious **BLEEP** !!!! Will definately shop again. My list is growing! Thanks again!!!!!!
swordsmith - 02/07/2001
Your 3x3 DBA board and basic terrain pack is PERFECT for the new Mageknight game. They recommend playing on a 3x3 area. See www.mageknight.com and read the rules - especially re: the use of terrain. You might even consider putting together a special mageknight package...
[WebMonkey - Just might have to do that...]
primarch - 01/29/2001
Wonderfull site, very accessible and informative. Easy to order.
JeffC - 01/05/2001
Pictures of everything, easy to maneuver, and great looking terrain. This is one sight that I will bookmark for sure!!!
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