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Featured here are several endorsements from other gamers on the quality of War Zone terrain, as well as praise (and other pat's-on-the-eback) for the high level of customer service and satisfaction that we offer.
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jasonite10 - 12/31/1999
This stuff looks great, I can't wait to try it out!
Mark - 12/22/1999
I just bought a huge batch of this terrain for my gaming group and it looks
great! I highly recommend checking it out.
rkile - 11/3/1999
Loved the animated visual of the board unfolding, that helped us decide. This will be used for Warhammer Fantasy battle. Thanks, Richard
Edward H - 10/26/1999
Great service on my last order. Thanks!
Mick - 7/24/1999
The Terran 04 scale assortment of terrain I ordered arrived intact. I like 'em so much I'm back for some pacs for the desert theater miniatures I've got. War Zone's terrain system is just perfect for my needs.
Marty S - 4/6/1999
Can't wait to get the stuff so I can set up a killer table!
John T - 2/9/1999
Love your site. Would like to see some buildings and bridges as well, though.
ESElrond - 1/15/1999
Well...I finally got the chance to play some games of Warhammer 40K on one of your tabletops recently, and with terrain that you make; this birthday present is the result. Keep up the excellent quality and good work. And thanks a lot.
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