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Featured here are several endorsements from other gamers on the quality of War Zone terrain, as well as praise (and other pat's-on-the-eback) for the high level of customer service and satisfaction that we offer.
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holmes4 - 12/18/2000
Superior Product from a superiour company!!
mijohe - 12/21/2000
I called the store, it was 11:30PM in his time zone, and he answered the phone and spent the time to answer my questions about his product. This alone tells me it is a good place to deal with. He suggested that I get the sample items to see the quality of his work. I will probably purchase more product once I review the items.
xxx@aol.com - 11/22/2000
The web site is easy to move around, and all of the product have photos of the items. I wish the pictures were a little more clear, but they do the job.
jfa - 10/24/2000
I think that the web site was very well costructed and I liked the detailed photos of the various terrain. Thank you for offering the sample pack, I think that this is great.
rtrub - 10/24/2000
Cool Site. Offers a unique product (Terrain board).
hercwars - 10/16/2000
Thanks for having great products available
thor5 - 9/30/2000
The site is easy to navigate (a big plus +). You can mix and match the terrain you need and even get some custome terrain. The best part (I think) is that you get to see what you'r ordering.
xxx@home.net - 9/13/2000
Call the store for any questions, very nice to talk to.
Donald C. - 8/28/2000
This will not be the last order our group makes. This site will be very helpful to us (there are 6 of us total). Thank you.
mbv1_temjin - 8/20/2000
Yo, If Yer Lookin' Fer Any Terain For Yer Superbeast Battlmechs, This Is Da Place. Any Mech Warrior Will Find What He needs At A Resonable Price.
Capolan - 7/25/2000 and 8/9/2000
1st Comment: I ordered the sample and immediately found their product of high quality. As a diorama and terrain maker myself, I can appreciate quality. Of the several vendors of this type, I would rank them number one in their product category.
2nd Comment: I bought the samples originally, which prompted my second purchase. The product is great for my needs and I would continue to purchase their again. For the high degree of quality, the price is incredibly affordable.
xxx@usit.net - 7/31/2000
Great mechandise delivered quickly. Definately a place I'll be shopping at in the future.
Kenneth - 7/25/2000
I think this is a great idea. (
See our Terrain Sampler) I just got back into wargaming, but never really thought about terrain. I can't wait to see your samples. Thank you.
Michael - 7/25/2000
You guys have a great site, you should branch out into buildings and other special items.
[WebMonkey - We're thinking about it...]
Mr. XXX - 7/15/2000
Great selection, good prices, seems honestly concerned that their customers will be satisfied with the products they receive.
Stylusnix - 7/15/2000
I thought it was a very easy and professional site. The thumbnails to the side and the pop-up picture with more information is great. The only caveat is that it is hard to determine what the sizes are It is not intuitive and the explination was a bit difficult to find. However, given a little effort you will discover their meaning and do not let that deter you from checking out this site. It is great!!!
[WebMonkey - So noted... notice the explaination text at the top of the catalog pages now]
MechaG - 7/11/2000
War Zone has some of the best war gaming terrain in the business. There terrain is durable and reasonably priced.
MSarno - 6/29/2000
War Zone GTS has the best customer service in the industry. Their product is of the highest quality. I recommend them constantly at gaming conventions.
Coragus - 6/27/2000
I have played on your stuff before. It is absolutely THE best terrain on the market. Gaming just hasn't been as fun since the store closed.
Jeff - 6/27/2000
I just received my order of Icelands scape terrain. I have to say that it looks fantastic. Everything is very high quality and there is an absolute avalanche of it (sorry bad joke) for the money. Great job and thanks again for all your great service.
Cliff - 5/27/2000
War-Zone terrain embodies 'eye-candy', that essential thing that rivets gamers' eyes to the game table, whether it be a miniature battle or a roleplaying adventure. I've used their terrain in many rpg and mini battle, playtests, demos and standard games. It always gets a big reaction from the players. This adds to the coolness factor of any game that a War-Zone product is placed in.
WizardComics - 4/27/2000
Great company. As a retailer, I fully intend to do business with War-Zone in the future.
mr688 - 4/20/2000
Have seen some their terrain boards and was very pleased with the quality. I may also have some of their hill packs and have been pleased with those as well.
Philip - 4/9/2000
I have purchased many of their products from third party vendors, and private auctions. They are of they highest quality. I look forward to dealing with the company directly, now and in the future. The web site is clean, easy to use and informative.
Adam - 3/22/2000
Of the many sites I have purchased online products from, War Zone was in my top ten. Their emphasis on introducing you to the quality and 'look/feel' of their product is essential to selling their product online, and they do it better then any of their competitors. As long as the product I receive looks the way it was represented, arrives undamanged and on time, I will make many more purchases from War Zone. Considering War Zone is selling products to a very specific market, they do their online selling better then most of the Fortune 500. Their prices are reasonable even for Canadians, and that is a plus.
Zev - 1/25/2000
I'm a past customer, and have not been to your site in a while, but I got a new batch of terrain as a gift, and really must say that your stuff is the least expensive, most durable and realistic terrain on the market. Your wide variety and different color schemes are fantastic! The hardest choice I have to make before a game is what terrain pieces to use.... they're all great!!!
Keep on makin' dem mountains!
Richard C - 1/25/2000
Excellent, versatile, reasonably priced products!
Kevin N - 1/25/2000
Great selection, though I wish there were more WWI-WWII type terrain such as bunkers and sandbags.
Joe T - 1/12/2000
You have a 'very good web site. Great pictures, detailed explanations, and clear navigation. Thanks! Joe T.
maraiza - 1/11/2000
I would like to compliment you on your wonderful web page and products, your company has a better selection and way better prices that anything on the net or at retail stores!
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