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Featured here are several endorsements from other gamers on the quality of War Zone terrain, as well as praise (and other pat's-on-the-eback) for the high level of customer service and satisfaction that we offer.
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John - 12/29/2002
Great stuff!
Paul - 12/14/2002
I have some of your terrain and have really looking forward to getting a board to go along with it. This stuff is great. Please keep up the good work.
Michael - 12/13/2002
Thank you for your help, and for all the information you gave me over the phone.
Thomas - 11/20/2002
Your stuff looks amazing on the site. I can't wait to see how it looks on the field! A gametop for citifight would be amazing. You should concider it. [Webmonkey: Thought about it, but no easy way to do roads yet, plus we can't do buildings. Maybe one day...] Is there still a warzone tabletop game? [Webmonkey: Dunno...]
Gretchen - 11/20/2002
Would that all internet sites were as clear and easy as yours. Thank you!
Jeffery - 11/15/2002
Love the terrain. This will be my third set!
Edward - 11/11/2002
Love this stuff. I screwed up the first send so you may have two orders for me. I just one one of these :)
Webmonkey: No problem... we process all orders AFTER they are submitted to the web site, so we can make these kinds of adjustments.
Bill - 10/06/2002
Have many of your Table Tops and Terrain Sets. Best Pre made terrain any where on the planet (Terra that is)
John - 10/05/2002
Would like to see large picture of 3' x 3' tabletop before I decide to purchase.
Webmonkey: Make sure to click on the small thumbnail of the product on the catalog pages... this will open up a pop-up menu with a larger photo (sometimes more than one photo is available) along with details on the product.
Dante - 10/04/2002
Thank you, I have heard great things about you guys.
David - 10/02/2002
I'm a repeat customer!
Webmonkey: Thanks! Best kind of customers to have!
Jason - 10/02/2002
Thanks so much for your help on the phone!
Webmonkey: No prob... we're available 11am - 11pm EST, 7 days a week at (810) 742-8830
George - 09/27/2002
Do you think scale 1 is right for Mechwarrior the Dark Age. My friend who plays warhammer recommended your boards-- a satisfied customer.
Webmonkey: Cool! And yes, 01 Scale works best with Mechwarrior, but 02 will do fine as well. Some of the MEGA terrain works nice as impassible terrain for the Mechs.
Nathaniel - 09/24/2002
Looking forward to getting my stuff.
Ralph - 09/22/2002
Nice site.
Steven - 09/17/2002
Cool stuff.
Michael - 09/10/2002
Hey the MageSet arrived as promised. Great tabletop and terrain, best price for the amount of terrain I've ever purchased. We use the MageSet for Mage knight, Hero Clix, Mech Warrior-Dark Age and for Warhammer Fantasy Skirmish. Thanks again, will buy more. Keep up the good work.
Cameron - 09/08/2002
Nice site.
Bruce - 08/28/2002
Can I special-order a large hill pack without any flocking on it?
[WebMonkey - Well... we'll try just about anything! Drop us a note or call 810-742-8830 for special requests. ]
Michael - 08/27/2002
Hey guys, Ordered some terrain from you about a week ago, absolutely fantastic! great stuff, been enjoying it with the new release of Mechwarrior : Dark Age. Now i only wish you guys did buildings and cityscapes too! Thanks again!
Brian - 08/22/2002
Nice site.
Michael - 08/20/2002
Loved the site, been looking for 3D terrain for awhile, was making my own, but im just looking for a more professional feel, and you guys nailed it.
Kristin - 07/28/2002
Thanks, let me know if you ever make larger scaled terrain.
[WebMonkey - Check out our MEGA terrain. ]
Kristin - 07/28/2002
A very good site. Good products!
Donovan - 07/24/2002
Liked last lot of scenery, high hopes for this (small) order.
Richard - 07/01/2002
Great terrain!
Douglas - 06/28/2002
Your pricing is great, I look forward to see the quality!
Sean - 06/25/2002
Nice Site, Nice Terrain. Keep up the good work!
Gregory - 06/21/2002
Great site.
Darcy - 05/24/2002
Great prices.
Jonathan - 05/20/2002
Keep up the good work and thank god you ship to us poor bastards who use APO's.
John - 04/25/2002
Great terrain!
William - 04/23/2002
Love your stuff!
Thomas - 04/20/2002
A friend of mine has one of your tabletops and I liked it and decided I wanted one.
Dustin - 04/17/2002
Nice web site.
Douglas - 04/03/2002
Good looking site. Great, fast, personal response to my questions.
Andy - 04/03/2002
Warzone, Thanks for the note, Table Top was on my door step Monday afternoon. Mountains were here last Fri.. I have ordered twice, both times my orders shipped in less than a week. Your heads up emails are nice, something most companies don't do... Thanks again, for the outstanding customer service, will be ordering again!!
Chris - 01/29/2002
I just wanted to say how imperssed I am at the turn around time of my order, I am very happy with the products I purchased!!!!!!! I plan on making future purchases. Thanks again, Chris
Kim - 01/29/2002
Hi. I ordered a Christmas present for my husband quite awhile back, and I just wanted to let you know how much he appreciated it. (See the copy of my order receipt for reference) I made "wife-of-the-year list" on that one for sure! Anyway, thanks a bunch for all your help and for getting it out to him so fast. The items arrived in great condition, were of fantastic quality, and it was a lot of fun to pick through the boxes to see everything. You were a pleasure to work with, and if I am ever feeling overly-generous again, I will definitely give you a call. Sincerly, Kim.
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