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Featured here are several endorsements from other gamers on the quality of War Zone terrain, as well as praise (and other pat's-on-the-eback) for the high level of customer service and satisfaction that we offer.
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Charles - 12/27/03
I have ordered before Invoice Number xxxxxxxxxxxxx the game board I was very pleased! Thanks alot
Charles - 11/15/03
great site
Tom - 11/12/03
We are a retail store just starting to carry Warhammer and 40k. We would be interested in carrying your products as well. Please provide me with retailer prices. We plan on opening up for Warhammer next week, if there is going to be a delay in shipping please let me know as soon as possible.
Webmonkey: Contact the Mountain Maker for Wholesale terms at mmm@war-zone.com (Dealers and Retailers only)
Kathryn - 10/29/03
I called in my credit card #
Webmonkey: If you are not comfortable with putting your credit card number online, we have an option where you can order online and then call in your card number. We do employ SSL to keep your personal and payment information secure, if you do order online.
Chris - 10/2403
Diffently going to be buying a 4x4 table for my Mordheim games, as well as some pieces for Mechwarrior, hoping you get thise single tree's in stock. You guys should think about making terran for Mechwarrior using those downloadable templets from their website. That why it can be used in tourments.
Webmonkey: You can really tell that a bunch of "suits" thought up those templates... I think a few dinner plates and some shoe boxes would be more interesting looking. We try to stay away from boring.
Chris - 10/21/03
I was so impressed with the quality of my last order I am back for more.
AJ - 10/11/03
i need to make a 40k battle field but you do not have the terrain i need i am willing to pay a small fourtune but im only 15, i dont have a credit card and i live in australia...
Webmonkey: What?
Jeffery - 09/24/03
I have had this size in the green for years and Love it!!! I need an extra bag (cover) as mine has torn over the years...can you include one with the order.
Webmonkey: We now offer flock in our X Pacs section.
Susan - 09/21/03
An amazing selection.
Paul - 09/20/03
Need volume discount.
Webmonkey: We do have sales from time to time. For volume discounts, check out the Master Pacs. They are always 20% off retail.
Alex - 09/20/03
I love your stuff, you should offer buildings!
Tarl - 09/0603
This is an APO address. Talk with customer support and on the web page I can not complete the order if I enter APO into block 2 of the shopping cart. All I got was the error message about contacting war zone. which I had done. So far I have had a very positive experience with war zone.
Webmonkey: Actually now you can complete your order, but depending on your exact APO address, we may have to charge additional shipping fees. We try our best not to make money off of shipping, so we do not do broad, flat shipping rates on APO/FPO customers. Rather we look at the cost after the order is in and make necessary adjustments if needed.
Nick - 09/06/03
I'm really looking forward to getting the terrain. You guys should also do towns. You should try to get wizkids to support you. Maybe I could get some free terrain if I get some pictures of my figs on your terrain on Mageknight.com, give you guys a little plug. Because chances are that if your playing MK then you don't have time to build terrain either. Thanks.
Webmonkey: Hmm... where to start. We don't do towns... too hard to do with flat foam. WizKids never officially supported us, even though we support them. Yes, you can get Terrain Credit by taking pictures of your War Zone terrain in action... Click Here. And finally, thanks!
Eric - 08/29/03
Already have battle board and a combo terrain pack and love them. Keep up the good work!
Graig - 08/29/03
Looks good, if the first order turns out well there will be more!
David - 08/28/03
I've been really happy with the previous board I bought (8x4) and I'm looking forward to another. Thanks.
Sam - 08/15/03
I've heard good things about you guys. I'm looking forward to it.
David - 08/15/03
You guys should sell roads since Flames of War requires the use of roads. I would have bought a bunch of road pieces.
Webmonkey: Don't do roads yet, but try our friends at ArmorCast.
Michael - 08/15/03
Love your terrain. And happy that you take PayPal.x
Angel - 07/28/03
Brett - 07/16/03
Please send the 520 Cliff Face terrain set in 4 scale "Natural Slope" instead of 2 scale.
Webmonkey: Don't be hesitant to ask about custom jobs or modifications. It may cost extra in some cases, depending on the level of modification, but we will cater to your needs.
Aaron - 06/23/03
There was no option to select the scale...so I'm assuming all the tabletops are the same. Scale 2 is preferable.
Webmonkey: Correct... Table Tops do not have a Scale. They are all the same thickness and finish on the sides. The thought of an 03 Scale Table Topsmakes me shudder... a 3/4 inch thick Table Top would crack quicker than a Hex shaped piece of cheap beaded foam.
Tage - 06/13/03
I really love your website you guys have a lot of stuff I would really love to get. I have been trying to make some of my own terrain for a little bit now and am having hellacious nightmares with it.
Robert - 06/12/03
Nice looking stuff.
John - 06/06/03
I'm still confused if scale 2 is the most appropriate scale for Dark Age.
Webmonkey: We do offer suggestions, but you can pick the Scale that you like the looks of best. Looking good to you never sucks.
Thomas - 05/08/03
Great site! Nice product visualization allowed before making puchase. Very nice! Keep it up.
Luis - 05/03/03
Thanks for your service.
Pat - 05/03/03
Nice stuff, I hope it looks as good up close as it does on the net.
Webmonkey: Trust me... it looks better!
Bradley - 04/28/03
I intend to buy alot more from ur store to fill my 5ft by 9ft table area so any extra catalog or helpful tips to make a well balanced battlefeild be helpful.
Paul - 04/25/03
Hi! I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with your product. It's wondeful! Your service is also some of the best I've had the pleasure to experience in the miniature mail-order world. Considering that you make the terrain upon receiving the order, it got to me in about a week. Keep up the great work. Thanks.
Alphonso - 04/25/03
I look forward to using your product to enhance my gaming exprience.
James - 04/23/03
Please include me in your "Operation Uplink". I am repeat customer. I loved my initial "trial order" and am eager to begin to use it in my games (in place of my old GeoHex). Also, I took advantage of your samples about a year ago and I wanted to let you know that this is a great initiative on your part. I liked what I saw back then and never forgot.
Patrick - 04/08/03
Nice site! Best one around for terrain in my opinion. Would be interesting to see some desert terrains.
Webmonkey: See our Badlands Scape
Michael - 04/01/03
I Recived the mountains today 4/1/03 there amazing. My gamming friends are going crazy,screamming more. So here's a second order...
Alexander - 03/25/03
Your stuff looks great and seems reasonably priced.
David - 03/17/03
Great hills! Thanks!
Anne - 03/16/03
Keep up the great selection of terain.
Scott - 03/14/03
Nice stuff.
Michael - 03/11/03
Amazing slection.I'll spread the word around the South Florida gamming community.
Paul - 03/09/03
Ordered a 6 x 4 tabletop earlier, waiting to receive it, but decided to order a second board, sight unseen, because of the great service you've provided and the Sale price was great incentive.
John - 03/07/03
Very impressed with your offerings.
David - 03/04/03
Thank You! Webmonkey: Yer Welcome!
Jason - 02/28/03
This board looks like iktsk of the heezy. Webmonkey: Thanks... I think.
John - 02/21/03
Best terrain around.
James - 02/19/03
Nice site....stuff looks good and it fairly priced.
Jamie - 02/18/03
Best scenery and tabletops I have ever seen.
Larry - 02/14/03
Looks great! I want to see the quality before investing further, but I do believe you get what you pay for so I am very optimistic by what I have seen so far!
Walter - 02/13/03
Love you stuff, used to sell it in my store.
David - 02/07/03
I usually make my own boards But yours look too good to be true.
John - 01/30/03
Great stuff! I'm a addicted!
David - 01/19/03
This board looks great - I'm looking forward to it.
Mark - 01/17/03
I friend of mine has your products and he recommended that I locate you. Very good terrain.
Jason - 01/17/03
Very well laid out site, with one exception: the ability to add items to the shopping cart without going to the checkout screen would be very helpful for people (like me) interested in buying multiple items. Other than that, I can't wait until I show my friends what for on the new board!
WebMonkey: Hi Jason, It is easy to add multiple items to the shopping cart. Once you have everything that you want to order, when you get to the item page, just change the quantities of the items that you want more of... or you can "zero" out items that you don't want. Click on CONTINUE to calculate your order and get to the payment details page. It will add all of your items up, including multiples, give you a total, etc... Hope that helps and enjoy your Terrain!
Jason: Doh!
David - 01/15/03
First time buyer. Looking forward to using your products in conjunction with my Dwarven Forge collection. Hope the product is as good as it looks on the web site! Had hoped for faster shipping methods - if such is available please let me know!
WebMonkey: Sorry guys... not much we can do about faster shipping methods. Since all of our items are custom made, and not "stocked" in the warehouse, the delivery time takes into account the production time for your products. So when you get them, they will be nice and ripe for the spoils of war!
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