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Featured here are several endorsements from other gamers on the quality of War Zone terrain, as well as praise (and other pat's-on-the-eback) for the high level of customer service and satisfaction that we offer.
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Ken - 12/05/04
Your product looks terrific. I'm giving this MageKnight pak to our friend's son for Christmas.
Allen - 12/04/04
Will be using product in demos for Reaper's Warlord.
Edgar - 12/1/04
Thanks for selling Table Tops at a reasonable price!
Gordon - 11/19/04
I've seen your product at gaming tournaments before and really like what you put out. I'm looking forward to having a go on my own warboard.
Adam - 11*16/04
nice site, would like to see hexed game boards for Battletech and similar games
WebMonkey: Sorry dude... we don't do hexes.
Tom - 09/26/04
Site was a little tough to navigate. Would be nice to see entire terrain set with alternative texture - snow, mars, grass, etc.. not just one piece. Gallery is what sold me - keep it up!
WebMonkey: Tom, thanks for the input. Will work on it!
Robert - 09/24/04
I just started Warhammer 40K and am looking down the barrel of the lovely Gauss weaponry of the Necron army. Your bloodstone in particular arouses my interest, and I'll be working my ass off at the factory to gear up on your terrain, especially if the samplers rule. For someone like me, working better than 80 hours a week, having you do the rough work is awesome and I appreciate it! :)
Robert - 09/18/04
I was the first person to buy your quarterboard a few years ago. Now I am buying your products for our DBA group
Mark - 09/15/04
Neat website, my kids love the terrain extras. Thanks!
Vivian - 09/05/04
Cool terrains. Keep up the great work! Thank you!!
Timothy - 08/22/04
This stuff looks great. I'll likely use it with a variety of games.
WebMonkey: Timmay!
Jason - 08/17/04
This table will be used to demo the game Ætherverse (triskelegames.com) at conventions. If you have any sort of small sign or "plaque" that I can stick on the corner of the table to promote you guys, I'd gladly do that.
Georg - 07/26/04
I look forward to placing future orders with you as my terrain collection expands.
Dalton - 07/20/04
Great site. This first order is to see which scale I want to go with. Probably purchased $500 USD off of EBAY and I should have spent it here! Cannot wait until shipment arrives. Have a great day.
Andrew - 07/06/04
Very nice online shop of terrain
Chris - 06/05/04
We have your stuff in the terrain closet at the LGS, and I wanted some for myself. Good stuff!
Alexander - 06/04/04
Hi there
This is Alex from the UK again. As discussed on the phone, please can you ship the items to the following address for me xxxxxxxxxxxx
Thanks very much! (don't forget to include flyers in there so we can give them out at the show).
Chris - 05/24/04
Great site, hope to do more business with you...
James - 05/20/04
I've ordered in the past, and I love your products, quality to price ratio 10:1
Brian - 05/02/04
i have been looking for a site like your's for sometime. it's awesome! hope to see more city fight terrain.
Michael - 04/29/04
I loved the stuff from the first order, now I am finishing a few extra needs.
Alex - 04/23/04
Great prices.
James - 04/14/04
If you don't mind, I'd like regular trenches instead of the barbed wire ones. Please contact me with estimated turnaround time of this order. Thanks for your patience with all of my questions.
Kyle - 03/17/04
Cool stuff. Comes reccomended from Yahoo Confrontation discussion group. Thanks!
Ronald - 03/15/04
Very Nice web site with all the gaming needs.
David - 03/04/04
Hello there! I am the military guy in German that you just made a warboard for. I just got it and its AWESOME!
Daniel - 03/01/04
I'm currently stationed overseas in the Middle East. It's hard to find businesses that will ship to APO's and it really means alot to me to know that you do. Thank you for your help.
Robert - 02/16/04
Looking forward to getting the board!
Michael - 01/27/04
Please, make hills 1" like you did for last order instead of 3/4". Great job on last order, very pleased. these hills will be used at a Tournament next month in Denver and I'll make sure everyone knows where they came from.
Andrew - 01/22/04
Great stuff !!!!!!!!!!very affordable !
John - 01/20/04
Good site, glad I can find a place that carries some good boards to play on, wish that you would carry some city ruins though.
Anthony - 01/17/04
Thanks for your assistance!
Rhonda - 01/04/04
Will I be notified when it ships?
WebMonkey: You will get 2 notifications from us. One confirming your order and one when it ships.
Michael - 01/02/04
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