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Featured here are several endorsements from other gamers on the quality of War Zone terrain, as well as praise (and other pat's-on-the-eback) for the high level of customer service and satisfaction that we offer.
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Customer Comments by Year: Current | 2006 | 2005 | 2004 | 2003 | 2002 | 2001 | 2000 | 1999 | 1998
Joseph - 12/28/2005
Nice site. I look forward to using the warboard.
Brian - 12/13/2005
Nice work!
Bryan - 11/29/2005
Good Stuff.
Patrick - 11/18/2005
Michael - 10/09/2005
Thx for meeting my gaming needs with personal service.
Patrick - 10/08/2005
Was looking for terrain that will work with 15mm Axis & Allies miniatures - thanks!
Eric - 09/30/2005
Thanks for all your help!
Daniel - 09/17/2005
Your previous order, delivery and quality was outstanding.
James - 09/13/2005
WebMonkey: Told you so! Knew you'd be back!
Harlow - 09/12/2005
Looking forward to some great gaming with the board.
Robert - 08/28/2005
i'm a returning customer your stuff is perfect for my historical wargame thanks a ton
Eric - 08/28/2005
People speak very highly of your products, I can't wait to see them on the table top.
Eric - 08/06/2005
Good website.
James - 08/03/2005
Hoping your terrain is good, so that I can come back for more.
WebMonkey: See you again soon!
Jonathan - 07/28/2005
Very interested in making real order. Just want to take a look at the different scapes and scales to see what will best fit my needs.
WebMonkey: That's exactly why were offer an inexpensive terrain sampler with all of our scales and scapes represented
Perry - 07/26/2005
Great selection. The folding warboard is what sold me - this saves me from making my own and wondering about storage issues.
Leith - 07/27/2005
Love the warboard, but now I need something to put on it! :)
Jeffrey - 07/12/2005
awesome site, cant wait for the boards, nice conversation
Kurt - 07/10/2005
Very happy old customer replacing 7 year old board. Keep up the great work.
Paul - 07/10/2005
You guys are kick ass.
WebMonkey: And we take names...
Patrick - 05/29/2005
I have a Convention on the 12-13th of June. Is there anyway it can be done and shipped by then? Feel free to send some promotional material with the order.(flyers..etc) I also have 2-4,000 person Convention in July-I'd be happy to get promotional material to the organizers for you. (or at least I'll have the stuff there when people ask where I got the board from)
Richard - 05/25/2005
Love your stuff! I have had your terrain for 5 years now and it holds up great.
Andrew - 05/14/2005
Great stuff!
Xavier - 04/19/2005
good website. i like the pictures of the terrain in action
Mark - 04/16/2005
I'm really impressed with the service and product you provide. It's one of a kind and taylor made. I can say I really haven't seen anything like it. Thanks!
Jason - 04/05/2005
Ordered a board from GuardTowerGames, sent it back because yours are so much nicer!
WebMonkey: We get that a lot...
Doug - 03/24/2005
Really nice looking terrain!
Gordon - 03/07/2005
Love the terrain! Keep up the great products and service!
Corey - 03/02/2005
I have a 4X6 war board and some other terrain, and we use them all the time!
Joseph - 03/02/2005
I glad I found your web site I've tried to make terrain and it always looks crappy. I just took your recommended scale I hope it the scale I was looking for. I've already laid down a hint for a folding gaming board for my birthday I hope your still in buisness by then. I think I'm going to really like your products
David - 02/23/2005
I enjoyed your site!
Dominho - 02/07/2005
Love your special sales!
Andrew - 01/30/2005
Please make Mechwarrior buildings, to standard WizKids tournament specs!!! Your products are awesome!
WebMonkey: Sorry, no buildings...
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