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Featured here are several endorsements from other gamers on the quality of War Zone terrain, as well as praise (and other pat's-on-the-eback) for the high level of customer service and satisfaction that we offer.
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Auston - 12/25/2006
I've played on some terrain of yours that a friend bought, and I was so impressed I had to have some of my own. Thanks for the good work!
WebMonkey: Merry Christmas!
Paul - 12/18/2006
Orignally bought one of your tables on eBay, but the seller never sent it. I have been wanting one of your table tops for awhile. I noticed shipping is $20, is that an error? Thank you for great tabletops, Paul.
WebMonkey: No, not a mistake on the Table Top shipping. As stated below, shipping is expensive and for oversized packages, it is silly expensive.
Mark - 12/9/2006
I had previously orderd the Assault board in different tone and have been quite impressed with the craftsmanship of the game board. It's a very creative and durable piece!
Erin - 11/30/2006
I plan to play 99% of the time in 4X4 mode but need that 4X8 every once in a while when friends come over, not to mention the portability...
Richard - 11/29/2006
I bought your basic hills and tress and loved them so i am giving your game board a shot. My only complaint is that your blue vinyl water features are a little lame looking.
WebMonkey: Yup, as stated earlier, good quality, realistic water is difficult to do. We we do offer is a reasonable, low cost representation for water.
Richard - 11/14/2006
nice selection of terrain, you should make cityscapes too.
WebMonkey: No City Scapes... try ArmorCast.
Eric - 10/28/2006
looking forward to trying this out.
Adrian - 10/11/2006
Thank you very much!
Kalai - 10/01/2006
shipping is expensive
WebMonkey: Yes it is... and we strive to not make a DIME off of the shipping to our customers. We charge what the UPSP or FedEx charges us. Whoa, look out... is that another Rate Case I see on the horizon?
Noel - 09/30/2006
You have a good selection of terrain and the site has been functional, so far, compared to several sites I have visited.
Walter - 09/24/2006
I would like to order the 8' by 12' board in 3 pieces that we discussed over the telephone last week.
WebMonkey: See!? Custom work!
Mark - 09/08/2006
Product looks great! I'm very much looking forward to gaming with a new tabletop.
Darren - 08/08/2006
I just have to say you guys have some of the best prices iv seen for terrain and i have been looking all over the place. Now all i ahve to do is find a palce for buildings because my skills personally suck for building alhtough im working on it. Anyway can't wait to see what this stuff is like and im sure ill be ordering some bits and pieces in the future, probably a full board as well.
Carlos - 06/20/2006
I have been using your terrain for awhile now, my players love it!
Orin - 04/16/2006
Absolutely love the tabletop. Need some stuff to landscape it now.
Orin - 05/31/2006
Cool stuff!
Douglas - 05/29/2006
I love your products, but I was wondering if you do any custom work? Thank you.
WebMonkey: It all depends on what you need done. Contact the Mountain Maker and he will help. Contact info at the bottom of the page.
John - 05/04/2006
I have recently began to collect terrain in order to add a little extra to our gaming experience. Your products are just what I was looking for. Now that I have found your site I will be a frequent customer.
Jonathan - 04/16/2006
I talked to you on the phone at about 6pm CST. I'll start with the warboard for today, and see where things go, dollars depending. Thankya much.
Jim - 04/16/2006
This order will be going to RECON in 2 weeks!
Richard - 04/11/2006
I bought your warboard and Love it!!
James - 04/10/2006
I liked your DBA Warboard so much I figured I'd go BIG for my other gaming.
Paul - 04/10/2006
Ordered Before - Very Satisfied Customer
Jason - 04/01/2006
By the way, thanks for all the great terrain and warboards!
Lewis - 02/26/2006
i've seen your stuff before used by other players and i wanted some of my own
Curtis - 02/25/2006
Will you be selling Iceland in the future?
WebMonkey: If you come up with an "Ice World" based game, then yes, we'll certainly bring back Icelands. We originally introduced it for an upcoming Hoth game, but that fell by the wayside. Just not enough demand currently for it.
Will - 02/13/2006
Looking forward to getting my board. I plan on buying more terrain down the road from you so it matches my board.
Matthew - 02/10/2006
Looking forward to seeing your work!
Eric - 02/09/2006
I don't receive packages when they are sent to my home address. If you can't send to my work address, then I will unfortunately, and much to my regret, have to cancel my order. I am more than happy to pay the 5 dollar handling fee if it applies to my situation. Per your instructions, I will call tomorrow morning to confirm that you can send to my work address: xxxxxxxxxxx
WebMonkey: We're more than happy to work with our customers on shipping issues. Occassionaly, we do require and extra handling fee, but it is mostly decided on a case-by-case basis. Have questions, ask!
Wesley - 02/03/2006
David - 01/30/2006
I love warzone!
Anthony - 01/23/2006
We're selling lots of FOW now, so I'll be back to restock our tables with 15mm suitable terrain. Thanks!
Matthew - 01/20/2006
Got your 3x3 board and loved it. Had to have a larger one for larger games.
Charles - 01/12/2006
Wouid be nice to have one of these with hexes printed on it.
WebMonkey: Hexes are evil... I read it in a book somewhere.
Joseph - 01/04/2006
Ordered here before and really enjoy your stuff. Have you ever considered a serpintine river or swamps/Bogs?
WebMonkey: Quality, realistic water is tough. So we mainly stick to Mountains and land features.
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