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Scape & Scale Reference

War Zone GTS products are available in a variety of Scapes (colors) and Scales (elevations). Click on the images below to get more detailed information.

Terran (grass)


Badlands (desert)


Bloodstone (Mars)



1" Elevation
75° Slope


3/4" Elevation
75° Slope


½" Elevation
45° Slope


3/4" Elevation
Natural Slope


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Terrain in War Gaming
Why is war gaming terrain important?

"On featureless and open terrain the force of momentum between armies will be equal. It becomes difficult to make any tactical challenge. Battle should not be engaged."
--'Master Sun Tzu/The Art of War'

"Turn Your Living Room Into A Great Place to Wage War."
--'MMMD/War Zone GTS'

Master Sun Tzu probably sums it up best... if you don't have good terrain, don't even play!

That is why War Zone feels that our durable wargame terrain is the key to better miniature war gaming. Not only does it make the playing area look more interesting, if done properly in conjunction with a well designed terrain table, you can better create a tactically challenging battlefield or recreate a historically accurate senario.

Face it... you can either play on this:

Or This:

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