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Scape & Scale Reference

War Zone GTS products are available in a variety of Scapes (colors) and Scales (elevations). Click on the images below to get more detailed information.

Terran (grass)


Badlands (desert)


Bloodstone (Mars)



1" Elevation
75° Slope


3/4" Elevation
75° Slope


½" Elevation
45° Slope


3/4" Elevation
Natural Slope


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Terrain Q&A
Q: I was checking out your site and am wondering which of your scales is suitable for 15mm wargaming. I figure you get this question alot, so sorry about being yet another one. But, your terrain is damn nice and I'm going to be rebuilding my collection in the near future, your stuff wouldn't happen to be fireproof would it?
A: Check out the Product Intel page at: http://www.war-zone.com/intel/ For 15mm, WZ recommends the 03 Scale... but with that said, any of the scales would work. It really comes down to a matter of personal preference. Myself, I like the 04 (Natural) scale. It gives the hills/mountains a more realistic look on the table.

It's fire resistant... (but don't try to set it on fire to test it!) it is dow blueboard. Same stuff that some contractors use to insulate the outside of homes. I don't know of ANY terrain that is fire proof... including the real stuff. :)

Q: I love your terrain, but I was wondering what it is made out of?
A: All of our terrain is constructed out of Dow Blueboard Extruded Polystyrene. "Blueboard" insulation is a leveling board normally used as residing underlayment. Because it is made of STYROFOAM brand insulation, it won't rot or warp, which makes it excellent for War Gaming terrain.

Everything from the Table Tops , Custom Terrain, down to the X-Pacs is constructed out of the Blueboard.

Q: Are the tabletops painted green or are they covered in a grass matting, or flock?
A: All terrain, including Table Tops are primed/painted, textured and flocked to match the Scape of the mountains.. either in Terran (grass), Badlands (desert), Bloodstone (Mars), or Icelands (snow).

Q: If they tabletops are flocked, what stops the flock from falling off fairly quickly?
A: Clever Mountain Making techniques and a little care in use. Refrain from repeatedly casting dice on the Table Tops. Invariably you use the same corner. Over time scooping them up with the side of your hand abrades the surface. Other than that the finish should last for years of normal use.

Q: Would young children (8 ­ 10) be able to use the tabletops without quickly destroying them, or are they more suited for older gamers?
A: If they have evolved beyond chewing things for something to do, no prob. For the larger boards either adult set up or some advance coaching using two micro warriors would be prudent... although relatively light they are bulky and could be awkward for dudelings.

Q: The animation's show the Table Tops bending at joints that seem extremely thin. What holds the boards together that can resist repeated folding and unfolding and the occasional lateral movement?
A: USMil grade 2000 mph tape... 3" Duct tape. I have a small (2x3) folding table I have used for flocking Mountains since 94. You "could" peal the hinge off... like tearing a phone book in half. The hinges are very strong and will last, barring any overt abuse.

Q: I have just recently start 15mm WW2 gaming and found your web page. I was wondering how long it takes for something to be ready to ship once its order?
A: The "official company speil is "All War Zone GTS products are handcrafted from extruded styrofoam (Dow Blueboard) and are built to order. Please allow 10-14 days for US shipping..."

But, typically things are out the door in less than that time, depending on the volume of orders and when the order comes in.

Q: I bought "badlands" scape (Mega mtn pack II) from you -- the flocking was a deep green/brown mix and very nice; however, on your site "badlands" looks more like a desert scape. If I order another set, how do I know which "badlands" scape I will be getting?
A: Most likely what you are seeing is the differences and difficulties we have in matching the web color tones to the product. Various things affect how they look on your monitor including what browser you are using, your monitor settings, lighting conditions you are using when viewing the web site (florescent/incandescent)... not to mention simple "rods and cones" genetics. :-)

sampler product is a good way to test the waters on our terrain.

It is interesting to boserve that we have had people make observations in the past that we pretty much the opposite of this opinion on the color of our products.

Q: Hi - I saw your 'Warbaords' on your website, and was wondering: They seem to have rough edges. Do they match up smoothly with one another? Could I put two of them down side by side for a nice clean BIG board?
A: All of the larger tabletops have a rough edge and cannot be made with a flat edge, due to the way they are manufactured.

With that said, the end on the boards are straight and do not have a serpentine (S-shaped or wavy pattern), so when you do try to match up two boards, they line up ok, but there will be a small gap down the middle...

As a suggestion that has worked in the past for some customers, buy a couple
bags of flock to go with the 2 tabletops you get. Then get some card stock (plasticard is best since it will not warp as easily as paper), cut the card into 2 inch wide long strips, paint the card with a dark brown paint, and flock the card. That will give a fairly seamless bridge for any gap that would otherwise show.

Q: Do you put hexes on your terrain?
A: Yes, we individually "curse & swear" at each mountain and terrain feature that leaves our shop... ;-)

But seriously, NO! "Hexes is fer wimps!" The last things we want to do is paint little hexes on terrain... but if you want to, have at it.

Q: Why can't you ship Table Tops (and Daemon's Keep) to overseas customers?
A: Simple physics and economics... Due to the postal regulations and restrictions on size of parcel post packages (which varies from country to country), the total size limitations on the package (length plus girth) varies from about 70" to 108". With the Table Tops , this size limitation is breached and even with the ones that do fall within the size limitations, there are sever oversize package fees that are incurred if we did ship.

For Example: An Invasion Table Tops(4'x8') shipped overseas would cost between $90 - $150 for Air Parcel.

Other carriers do offer shipping service for oversized packages, but typically run much, much more... between $175 - $225 for delivery of the same package!

Lastly, the issue of insuring the product. With Air Parcel, and the current way that insuring packages work with the USPS (or rather doesn't work), we simply cannot assure delivery or the condition of the package. So if we would ship Table Tops overseas, you would have to assume a shipping charge of equal to or greater value of the product AND if the package got lost or damage, you would have to assume the responsibility of that... which is silly AND which is the biggest reason we just don't do it.

Sorry partners!

Q: What Scale is best with the game I play?

First off, check the Intel Page for a quick glance reference.

Second, the suggestions we make there and in this FAQ are based on our opinions and experience for what we feel out Scales are best suited for.



Designed for:



BattleTech©, War Zone©, Chronopia©



MageKnight©, Fantasy Rules 25mm, Confrontation©, Clan War©, Mordheim©, Legions of Steel©, and all 25mm Games.



OGRE©, Centurion©, Gear Kreig©, Fantasy Rules 15mm, Battle Systems©, and all 15mm Games.



With a more gradual slope it will be suitable for 'any' miniature scale from 6mm Historical and Micro Armor to the 40mm+ oversize figs. It will also mix and match well with 02 Scale products. *04 Rocks, Ridges, etc... when ordered separately (Xpacs) are intended for 6mm scale.



A double elevation version of most Terrain Sets supporting both 01 and 02 Scapes.
Lastly, these are only suggestions and any of the Scales can be used with any size of miniature war game based on your preference of the look and feel of your gaming table. Click on the thumbnails below to see a detail of each Scale.

5 Terrain Scales

(click to see which scale best suits your game)

Q: What is the difference in the Scapes?

Scapes are just different colors of terrain that we offer.

We currently offer 4 different Scapes:

Terran: Green/Grass
Badlands: Brown/Desert
Bloodstone: Red/Martian
Icelands: White/Snow
*Icelands is currently out of stock

Click on the links below to see a detail of each Scape.

Available in 4 Scapes
Terran, Badlands, Bloodstone and Icelands
to Better Match the Scale and 'Scape of Your Game!
*Icelands is currently out of stock

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