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War Zone Affiliate Program
Increasing Your Credit or Commissions

  • Let others know you're a Mountain Recon Team Member
  • Incorporating our logo into your site will help people know they're buying the best war gaming terrain on the planet.
  • Your viewers will be more likely to click through on your banner if they know that they'll be buying from an established, trustworthy retailer. War-Zone.com offers more than 700 different combinations of war gaming terrain. We offer outstanding customer service, secure online ordering and we ship products world-wide.
  • Integrate the War Zone banners into the design of your web site. Make them 'attractive' to click on.
  • Don't bury the banner in your link's closet... feature it on the front page of your site, or on several pages. The more opportunities you give your viewers to see the banner, the better chance you have of them clicking on the link.
  • Offer product recommendations and endorsements. If your viewers know that you love War Zone terrain, they will buy!
  • War-zone.com will send each of its Affiliates a monthly newsletter. This newsletter will provide valuable tips on how to get the best from the Affiliate program, plus feature new releases, upcoming products or general gaming news.
  • Of course, you can decide to create and publish your own reviews and lists. Writing a review on an item that you feel strongly about is n sure-fire way to intrigue and involve your visitors, giving them stronger encouragement to buy.


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