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300 copys (140 Recruit/160 Recruit II)
10# box o' tanks (350+ asst modern)
40 Armor Cases (20 vehicle)
Masters for print and digital format,
Web site, logo, and copywrite.
1 year hosting on War Zone GTS site
JIT Drop Ship deal for 04 Terrain
Consulting notes for Recruit III (SciFi) and Recruit Choppers

If you like to go to the Cons this can help pay your way.
I just don't have the time; to many Mountains to make kinda thang.

No Prisoners,
MMM Dale

A big game in a small package. Both RECRUIT (Modern) and RECRUIT II (WWII) offered here in it's Brigade format, are complete game systems designed to serve both Micro (6mm) and 15mm scale* Miniatures War Games in a tactical format.

Both RECRUIT and RECRUIT II can be played at a variable pace accommodating Platoon, Company and Brigade level engagements by adjusting vehicle survivability. The VAP (Vehicle Ability Point) system affords players the flexibility to allocate capacity to many actions such as Movement, Target Acquisition, Direct Fire as they choose. The VAP system, serving as a common base between varying forces (Armor, Artillery and Air), also affords team players independent command of their own mission in Combined Force actions.

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